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Seeking a mentor

Seeking a mentor

You can find a mentor from your own networks or from the Good Deal Mentor Bank, where you can search for mentors in your own area or expand your search nationally.

The national Good Deal mentor network currently has 13 regional apprenticeship offices. In each area there are at least ten mentors.

You will find information about the mentors and their experience in the mentor profile information. You can browse profiles by region or do search based on other criteria that you want.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Read the profiles of the mentors that most interest you
  2. Contact one or more of them
  3. Discuss your needs for guidance and make a decision on your choice of mentor
  4. Inform the apprenticeship office of your choice.

Begin by selecting the region...

You can browse the Mentor Bank by choosing from the list of regions below or by clicking on the map of Finland.

...or use the search form:

With the search form, you can limit your search more precisely in order to find the very best mentors for you.

Choose the location of your company or the nearest municipality to it.

If you wish, you can also specify your search using the choices below:

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