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The role of a mentor in apprenticeship training

When you get into apprenticeship training, you need a mentor to guide you. Another experienced entrepreneur will act as your mentor, and he/she does not necessarily have to be a veteran of the same field.

Apprenticeship training comprises three simultaneous processes; the entrepreneur’s on-the-job training, information-centred training and the performance of the competence-based qualification. On-the-job training is based on the achievement of the vocational skills set in the qualification. Your mentor will also assess your on-the-job training.

The aim of apprenticeship training is to gain the qualification. Your mentor will support you in achieving your objectives, guide, encourage and give unbiased and critical feedback. He/she is like a sports coach, who will help you achieve the results that you want. At the same time, you will develop as an entrepreneur and develop your business.

It is your responsibility to keep in touch with your mentor. You will meet at intervals of 4-6 weeks or based on your training objectives and needs. In between these meetings, you should call or e-mail your mentor, if you want discussion of or views on a sticky issue.

The mentor relationship is confidential, so you can just as easily share with your mentor your worries and frustrations as your successes and learning experiences.

You can find your mentor from within your own networks or by seeking one at the Good Deal Mentor Bank.

Your mentor undertakes to:

  • plan, guide and support you in your learning objectives
  • meet you regularly throughout the duration of your studies, i.e. about 1½ years
  • observe the values of Good Deal mentors, which are confidentiality, a target-oriented approach and respect of learning
  • regularly assess learning and development
  • act in co-operation with your college and apprenticeship centre
  • participate in Good Deal mentor coaching.

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