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Qualifications for the entrepreneur

Qualifications in entrepreneurship

Suitable qualifications for an entrepreneur include:

  • an entrepreneur’s vocational qualification, the aim of which is to strengthen the entrepreneur’s business skills. The qualification is also suitable for entrepreneurs who have already been working as such for a long time, and want to redirect their business.
  • a special vocational qualification in business management, which is suitable for those seeking to grow and expand their business
  • a special vocational qualification for a product developer, which is meant for developers of products, services or processes

Qualifications in your own vocational field

There are more than 350 different basic-, vocational and special vocational qualifications to choose from in different fields. They are aimed at the development and updating of skills in your own vocational field.

Other shorter additional training

Non-qualification-based training is shorter in duration (4-12 months), deepens and expands vocational skill and allows the student to acquire special expertise.

You can find out more about apprenticeship training in your own area by looking at the website of your local apprenticeship office.

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