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Entrepreneur’s apprenticeship training

Entrepreneur, personalise your skills into something new

An entrepreneur’s career and business are living things, as are his/her needs for expertise. Whenever you want to learn something new, it is worth taking training. Apprenticeship training is vocational training where a basic-, vocational- or special vocational qualification is gained as a competence-based qualification. At the same time, you will develop as an entrepreneur, develop your business and put what you learn into practice with the support of a mentor.

For an entrepreneur who is just starting, apprenticeship training can mean that you are like an apprentice in your own company, and you get support for your learning from a mentor. For a more experienced entrepreneur, apprenticeship training can serve as a way of redirecting or growing your business, with your mentor offering perspectives and valuable support in the achievement of your new objectives.

Apprenticeship training will suit you

as an entrepreneur just starting up,

  • if you want to boost your new business
  • if you want to find new partners and networks to support your business
  • if you want to acquire skills in entrepreneurship in addition to your vocational skills

as an experienced entrepreneur,

  • if you want to increase your entrepreneurial and management skills by expanding your company
  • if you want to systematically develop  your company’s products or services
  • if you intend to carry out company reorganisation or change of generation.

Through apprenticeship training, you can also get vocational training or continue an unfinished vocational qualification to the end.

An entrepreneur’s apprenticeship training is possible for someone working as a full-time entrepreneur, if:

  • the company has a business ID
  • the company has registered the start of its business operations with the tax office
  • the entrepreneur is paying pension insurance
  • the company has been entered in the tax withholding register/as liable for value added tax

An entrepreneur’s apprenticeship is based on a training contract concluded between the training organiser (i.e. apprenticeship office) and the entrepreneur. A prerequisite for concluding an apprenticeship agreement is that the entrepreneur works full-time (at least 25 hrs/week) in his/her own company.

Organising apprenticeship training takes place co-operatively in a network containing the college, the apprenticeship office and a mentor guiding the entrepreneur.

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