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The basic values of Good Deal mentoring

Good Deal mentoring has common basic values. There are three of them and they are fundamental:


As a mentor, you will get very close to the daily life of your entrepreneur. You will share in his/her happiness and problems, fun and challenges.

It is therefore self-evident that these things remain between the two of you. A mentoring relationship is strictly confidential.

A target-oriented approach

Mentoring must have a target and, in apprenticeship training, it is the gaining of the qualification. In order to reach the target, there needs to be discussion on what kind of further expertise should be gained for that purpose. Not everything has to happen at once. Also consider the interim stages and remember to be happy about results that have already been achieved. Write up together the targets for the guidance plan and check the plan along the way.

The aim is not only to meet over a cup of coffee and discuss pleasantries. Of course you can do this too, but each meeting should also have an objective towards which progress is made.

The respect of learning

Good Deal mentors respect learning. They know that learning entails failures and steps backwards, and they can also celebrate successes and steps forwards.

An experienced mentor knows that everyone has his/her own pace and style of learning. They can support their own mentorees on this individual development path.

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